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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Camino 2016 06/18 - Down to Earth

We began the day cold and deep in a fog. The fog wasn't so thick that you couldn't see but it certainly prevented you from seeing the beautiful landscape around you.

And the landscape is stunning. This segment is the first full day in Galicia which is named after the people here who are related to the Celts, or Gaelics. If it were the wet rolling hills that attracted these ancient cousins to their respective countries, then surely they chose well.

Since we were off Camino, we took a cab back to O Cebreiro. The return would have included a stretch on a highway in the fog and we thought it safer to avoid this. We began with a discussion of breakfast. I love a big heap of eggs and bacon to start a physical day but Stephen is content with continental style. Given the interesting fog, I figured the bacon could wait.

We passed Dennis on the way up to Alto do Poio. Actually we somewhat were surprised at his speed up the steep parts given his body size and age. We grabbed some coffee at the peak and lo and behold the cab driver was there picking someone up. We could have ridden the whole way up, but then that would not exactly be a typical Camino would it. 

Also we passed the big statue of a peregrino on Alto de San Roque. I said a quiet prayer as the peregrino looked harried and somewhat scared, and I thought of all of us pilgrims who become fearful as they feel their mortality.

Our walk down down down was filled with jolts to the knees and toes. But it was so pretty. Endless rolling hills of green played like music to our eyes. That and a rather delightful but perilously close  viewing of a cow herd moving through a narrow street.

We found our albergue in Triacastela quickly. It was newish. Did some laundry and met Molly and Abbey, a mother and daughter from New Hampshire. Abbey is about to move to LA for a new Playa Vista job. I truly enjoy meeting families who do the Camino together.

Our lunch and dinner were both at Cafe Esther, a rather contemporary place that seems out of place in this tiny village. Though the air was snazzy, the menu was good solid local comfort food.

Sometimes your day seems like that actually. You start out in the the heights, see glorious things, but when it comes down to it, it's the down to earth food in your stomach that makes the day complete.

So we filled up, and we watched the near full moon rise up and bring us back down off the mountain, down to earth.

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  1. There is a heavenly glow behind both of you in that first picture!
    Love, Phyllis