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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog during the Inauguration...

And justice will flow down like water

5:30am Exciting day. Getting CNN all set up at the office. Setting up the projector so that we can watch in the office.

8:30am Cheney's in a chair? And nobody is going to push him down the stairs?

8:40am Rick Warren was affirming and not inflammatory. He sounded as though he wanted to reconcile. He used the concept of humility alot.

Aretha's hat is awesome. Sing out and proud! Wow, what a lady!

Biden is a very happy man.

The classical quartet piece was very good. Copland is a great choice. John Williams changed it to "Air and Simple gifts".

9am Justice Roberts screwed up the oath. Obama takes it in stride.

9:10am Obama is very Presidential. He's not avoiding tough language and starts off that way. Yields to hopeful talk. Mentions different religions and non-religious. Not a preacher tone or a chastising tone. Almost like a strong community activist.

Well done.

Camera pauses on Bush. Wonder what he's thinking. "The chopper better have my hunting gear ready" perhaps?

Awesome poem by Elizabeth Alexander.

Rev Lowery delivers the benediction. He's still alive? I remember how he pissed off conservatives during Coretta S King's funeral with his anti-war, pro-elimination of poverty talk. You go dude. I love it when Amos is quoted. Ooh, he ends on a funny rhyme.

9:45am All done. They're heading to lunch and then the parade. Helicopters getting ready to deport Bush to Texas. Oh dear, the crowds below are singing "na na na na hey hey goodbye" - - how very high school football! I guess that's appropriate since so much in America state things in sport talk.

Signing of some documents. Fancy lunch (Hiya John and Cindy). Dianne Feinstein (today's MC) said the recipe page was the most viewed page of the inaugural web site.

We're waiting for the parade. More on the next blog

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