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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let All Who Are Thirsty Come

Big mistake.

I let my thoughts wander and I fell away from my blogging. I apologize. I hadn't walked away from the church, from Christ or from thinking (as though those were mutually exclusive), but I did walk away from creating a journal that recounts my experiences.

And that's a mistake. One can't tell they've made a journey, trekked through the swamps and mountains, unless they've logged where they've been. Worse, they might circle back to the same dead-ends and road blocks that impede any journey.

As such, I've renamed and repurposed the blog. I'm going to be more focused on who and what I experience. I may not pen something immediately (the pen, by the way, is a writing utensil that does not require electricity), but I intend to put it down eventually.

And I'll hold myself accountable by tweeting about these thoughts.

So, I apologize to myself and to those who may have ever been interested in my thoughts. Simply saying that God knows what I am thinking isn't enough. I must be clear enough to myself to make sure that I know what I'm thinking.

The new name is "Let All Who Are Thirsty Come". I realized that my inward thoughts weren't helping me focus unless I understood why I prayed. I want to encourage others to feel God's expansive and relentless love. If they thirst and hunger for it, it's there for their nourishment. We may not be able to stare at God directly, but God's light shines and illuminates all that we are and see.

For those of you who have influenced my return here, directly or indirectly, thank you. I am grateful for your role as guardian angels of my spiritual life.

Paz y fe,

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