Mel's Healing Pilgrimage 2016

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Camino 2016 05/14 - God is still painting

Took the train to Vernon and walked to Giverny 4 miles each way. Monet lived there and his famed water lilies works were painted while looking at his pond.

I went because as Pentecost approaches, I wanted my eyes to be opened. The impressionists looked at the same things we did but they "saw" things differently. More importantly, they discovered a way to translate what they saw into a way we could understand.

Isn't that the message of Pentecost?

The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, inspiring, blessing, charging, and gifting them with ways to share the message of God. That's why we call it the birthday of the Church. It's when we were given not just our homework assignments but also the tools needed to do so.

And the impressionists to me show light transcendent and yet immanent. It's as though light comes from within while the light shines from afar. And I, looking at those paintings, I become that much more certain that God is still speaking. And that, that's why we go on pilgrimage: to see and understand in ways we never heard or envisioned before. God is still painting for us.

May the Holy Spirit visit you on Pentecost with images and colours, messages and words, hunger and a way to feed others. And as She alights on us, may she set our light free.

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  1. Lovely photographs, Mel. I was at Giverny in September of 1990. Whole different flowers and plants in bloom then. I love that garden.