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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I am lucky

I am lucky.

I was born to a Christian family
      and raised in predominantly Christian countries.
I am a minority, and got in fights as I was called a "chink",
      but never got seriously hurt.
I am brown, played cops and robbers,
      but never got shot.
I am an immigrant
      but never had to contend with uprooting my family like my parents did.
I am male
      and thus never experienced misogyny directed towards me.
I am gay, and had to endure name calling and fear, 
      but have outrun attackers the two times I was chased by gay bashers.
I am cis-gendered
      and have cried with my friends because I can only guess how awful it must be
      to feel like your body doesn't match how God made you.
I have genes that give me health issues, 
      but I am strong and reasonably fit for my age.
I've seen accidents, drugs, and disease
      and yet I'm still standing because I've had medical insurance.
I have had psychological crises that necessitated intervention,
      but I had counseling and care.

I'm damn lucky.

Not everyone is lucky -- or privileged, or whatever word you want to use.
It's not just to think them weak or call them snowflakes because they don't have what I have.

Blessed are those who haven't had the same luck.
God, help me be an outward blessing in their lives
And thank you God for surrounding me with blessings and angels, 
      whether friend, family, or stranger, 
      who walk with me in my life

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