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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stations of the Cross Photoessay - 13 - Jesus is taken down from the cross

This statue is actually several pieces embedded into the ground. It suggests a much larger sculpture than is actually observable above ground.

When Jesus's body is taken down from the cross, do we really see everything there? Based on the Passion, not really. Not yet. We see his hands, his body, his face. But we don't really see the big picture yet.

I see this figure to represent the huge problem of bringing down the dead body of Jesus. We think we know what happened, but much is really not yet visible. And even when it becomes visible, we may play the part of Thomas and doubt what we are seeing.

As Good Friday rolls in, we may be in grief, but let's not forget that we are asked to always be alert, to always be on watch. For Jesus's body may be laid low, but more is yet to come.

"The Awakening" by J Seward Johnson Jr, at National Harbor, MD, April 2011.

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