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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stations of the Cross Photoessay - 2 - Jesus carries his cross

The photo was taken in the garden of the Rodin Museum in Paris on a 2000 trip. This figure is actually an extract and enlargement from the astonishing Gates of Hell piece. He is one of the three spirits looking down, but set apart, it looks like he carries that invisible burden. 

To me, that burden looks like an invisible cross. As I walk the stations, I think about the crosses we all bear. Some are apparent and quite noticeable. Others are obscured, hidden, almost undetectable. Almost. What cannot be seen still distorts and causes us to misshapen over in agony. Jesus carried the cross for us so that we don't have to endure the trials on our own. Jesus carried the cross for us so that our burden would be lighter.

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