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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Falling with the bulls - June 17, 2023

There was beauty and there was beauty. After passing the hydroelectric plant, the river and forest from Zubiri became magical. This is what I remember and loved about this section of the Camino. A swimming hole in particular was enchanting. We waded into the water and gave thanks.

But there was also humility. It reached 91 and the heat winded us. And at one point, I missed a step and fell . Thankfully it was just a messy fall with no broken bones or bleeding. But Julz and Stephen had to help me up because of the angle of the hill. It made me feel frail, as did the heat.

I don’t walk the Camino in a triumphal March. I note that I’m of much of an athlete. You’re reading the words of a nerd. I go on Camino because of the spiritual and personal growth I witness. But still, I wasn’t prepared for saying to myself “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

We ended the day in a pod albergue then met up with the group for drinks, pintxos, and then churros at Cafe Iruña. We didn’t run with the bulls, but we walked beside all who run out of fear.

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