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Friday, June 16, 2023

It’s not my Camino - June 16, 2023

 We got a little fragmented today. Eileen had to walk to the next town for a place to stay while the rest of us stopped in the village of Zubiri. Jenny and Julz stayed in different spots while the rest of us stayed in Segundo Etapa albergue. But Deb and her broken rib took a taxi from Viskarret which was for the best given the tough rocky trails so day.

I wished we could have enjoyed the forest together more, but that’s the way we are doing this pilgrimage. We each have our own caminos. So it’s not about my preferences but the needs and wants of the others. I want to accompany them as wanted. It’s about trusting their Camino to unfold before them. In the meantime, I just need to be there when called.

Back to the walk.

Lots of cows and streams until we reached some uphill climbs after Espinal. The star of the show though is the fiendish trek down into Zubiri. Over 300m descent via tons of broken rocks. But the bridge into town is as charming as ever. The area transitions from mountain to foothills . Soon we will be in Pamplona and the pintxos beckon . What better way to describe today actually. Bite size morsels where everyone can get exactly what they want. We aren’t here to make them eat one dish but to sample all that we can offer. 

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