Mel's Healing Pilgrimage 2016

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Thursday, June 22, 2023

Not enough - June 21, 2023

Walking from Los Arcos to Logroño, I found myself talking with a young man traveling with his family. They are spending a week in Spain walking the Camino before continuing elsewhere. He just graduated from uni and in a couple weeks would start a new job in a new city.

He has dealt with therapists and depression for years. He looks at his life as flawed and that he isn’t doing enough. Isn’t being enough. Isn’t anything enough. He holds himself to a measure that he finds impossible.

I prayed for him. He was enough. He was just walking his family’s Camino and not his own, literally and metaphorically. He did enough, had enough, and was enough for his journey. He and I were on journeys with others, but in the end we walk beside them in our own shoes. I pray for him because his anxieties sustain his depression. And I will pray for him and those who look in the mirror and see the creation of others rather than the creation of God.

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