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Saturday, June 24, 2023

Resty McResty - June 22, 2023

 I used to walk quickly and because of that would just keep walking on the Camino. I would chat with other fast walkers as we continued, pausing perhaps to take photos but not really resting much. I don’t think I judged others if they stopped to rest. I just knew that if I walked slower or slept in, I might be walking in the hot Spanish sun.

It’s different on this Camino. I’m walking slower because of physical necessity. I’m older, heavier, and am more willing if necessary to just grab a bus or taxi if my body gives out. And I pause in the shade to rest. I chat with those who rest by me but often it’s just me. So I hum a little song to myself as I rest, typically a hymn. Lately it’s been “Day by Day: day by day dear Lord of the I pray. To see thee more clearly, Love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly, day by day”.

And when I do this, I find the rest to be more satisfying. It’s not just a physical rest. It’s also a mental and spiritual break. There’s a lot of processing while on Camino. Interacting with others, processing past relationships and events, exploring new thoughts. It’s wonderful and yet sometimes we need a momentary break. 

We stopped in a small but charming town Navarrete just 13km walk on this day. I had the best pintxo dinner so far here but the day was notable because we disconnected from the pod of people who were also walking the same distances we were. Two of our group continued with the group and are now a day ahead. And that’s awesome because they are deep in relationship with others and want to deepen them further.

We who took the short day now are among a new batch of people. Some we met before. Catherine of Ohio took a rest day in Estella so we got to break bread with her. We found Chrissy of Downey again. But most are new folks to us. We no longer see Timo of Netherlands, Arron of Hungary, Pastor Stewart of Canada, or Shannon of Florida. Maybe we will see then again when they next take a rest day. Maybe not.

Rest can be disruptive and break rhythms. But that’s what it’s supposed to do. Sabbath was given to us and was meant to recognize that rest is needed. I am learning to embrace this and hope to enjoy my rest on this Camino. 

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