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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Food truck in the middle of nowhere - June 20, 2023

 I love the food truck in the middle of nowhere. It’s about 90 minutes before you reach Los Arcos. The hills are gently rolling by and the crops are amazing. One farm area has now switched to lavender and the scents were divine. 

But this food truck is a true oasis. It offers food and shade and water when you didn’t realize how parched you were. I couldn’t wait to reconnect with this spot. But the truck seemed to be under new management. It was now operated by American and Canadian young women from a Christian non-profit. I wondered if it would be less of an oasis now.

But the food remained. The ice cream was there. The soda was abundant. And most of all, the pilgrims were there. And we laughed. We shared stories during our brief stay. Was it still an oasis in the middle of nowhere?

Yes, and it offered more than water and snacks. It refreshed us with people.

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