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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Camino Provides : June 14, 2023 in Saint Jean Pied-de-Port

The group met in Saint Jean Pied-de-Port last night. What a joy! Have not seen Julz since she stayed over at our home in 2018. We met on the Portuguese Camino.

Today Eileen, Deb, Paula, and Bill head up to Orisson. I pray them safety. And May God open their hearts as they open their eyes to the splendor of the Pyrenees.

Jenny arrived and we four had crepes. Did shopping for tomorrow’s food needs by visiting the Carrefour just a km out of town. Also explored the city walls, the citadel which is now a school, the river walk, snd napped often.

Most importantly, I examined my anxiety. If you recall, my prior walk over the Pyrenees was traumatic. I thought I would die because I could not see the trail through the fog and hail. The weather plunged from 80F in Saint Jean Pied-de-Port to rain and hail above Orisson. I had not noticed the trauma I felt. As we approached tomorrow, I felt increasingly wary.

I didn’t notice that i was still dealing with that trauma. When I didn’t hear from the four who went ahead of us to spend the night in Orisson, I became quite anxious. Thankfully, I was texted as three approached Orisson but had not heard from Eileen since she left Saint Jean Pied-de-Port . 

Trauma does that. It takes your joy and bleeds it from you. You may not know that it’s happening. But the anxiety is real, and it messes with your brain. Especially a brain that’s jet lagged.

So I turn to the song “Nada the turbe” (let nothing bother you) which comes from words of St. Teresa of Ávila. Put your trust in the Camino and in God. The Camino provides, we say. God guides us so that we will always be accompanied.

Eileen didn’t find a room in Orisson but she did get the last bed in the very next place just one Km past that village. The Camino provided and she enjoyed a delicious Basque pilgrim’s menu.

The Camino provides.

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