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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 3 - 40 by 50

I turned 50, the initial reason to come here and walk the Camino de Santiago. Initial but as I pondered it, less and less an issue. I craved the spiritual aspects more than celebration of another decade. Since two of my first three roommates last night were also celebrating their 50th with a walk, I no longer felt odd for admitting that I wanted to do this pilgrimage over, say, a cruise or big party.

And what did I do today on my third day (2nd full day)?

I walked 41km.

I left the SahagĂșn monastery 6:30am, and with some stops for a snack lunch and rests, arrived at the Mansilla de las Mulas "El jardin albergue" at 3:30 at a 5.1kph rate.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk long distances, your pack feels progressively heavier?

Today that was definitely true because it also rained for three hours. My bag did a decent job keeping things largely dry but there's no doubt that for every drop of water that touched my bag, it felt as though all that water was absorbed and weighed me down.

So though I grumbled and bitched, I couldn't help but recognize that this was my pilgrimage. Others have theirs every day. I know that many homeless people have no choice but to endure hours of wet misery while they push their possessions around seeking shelter.

I may have done forty by fifty, but my heart goes out to those whose cross is so much greater to bear.

So with that, I share the gorgeous sunrise I saw before the rains began and a weird rainbow that God had promised to us as a sign of his everlasting love.

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