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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 4 - Creature Comforts

I am missing a recap of day 3 but wanted to record some thought on Sunday in Leon. It was a shorter walk of 24km total plus another 6km walking around the city.

I call this creature comforts because for some reason attending the evening rosary and chapel mass is comforting. The rosario's repetition must be the same to my subconscious as the Taizé hymns or the liturgy. 

On top of that, I met Susan from Atlanta during our walk. We helped each other as we lost the trail and there was something comforting about helping and getting help from someone. She was between jobs and needed the time to figure things out. Vaya con Dios Susan.

After yesterday's large room of 22, I stayed at a hostal (Cosa Antigua) next to the Cathedral. A hostal is a cheap hotel. The warm multijet shower was worth the extra 25 euro in comparison to the albergues.

That made for a lovely evening eating on a cafe terrazzo, watching people, enjoying the sunset. For all the aches and physical pains, the mental comforts deliver wonderful medicine.

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