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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 7 - Sitting with the Wine and the Lamb

In addition to rocks and rainbows, two incidences struck me from the walk down to Ponferrada.

First, I saw a shepherd guiding his flock. The other peregrinos and I had a collective joy attack. It was a lovely "Lord is Thy Shepherd" moment on this long tiring journey. 

The sad part was seeing two limping sheep and a seriously injured (blood and an open wound in her back) one following towards the rear. The shepherd kept these injured ones with the rest of the flock, which of course touched me on so many levels. 

May we too be cared for even if broken and bleeding.

The other joyful moment was pausing on the ridiculously steep highway out of Molinaseca. I sat to adjust my load when I noticed wild grapes, perhaps destined for wine, beside me. I ate some and with glee found them tasty.

I am grateful for the gifts of discovery and plenty in our midst during our trials.

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