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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Camino de Santiago - Who's on Your Praylist? (Preparing #9)

Marching in the Doo Dah Parade
in Pasadena , CA - 2012
On the last blog entry, I talked about setting up my music playlist as I walk the Camino de Santiago. Today,
I'll be meditating on the people, events, and dreams that I have for my prayer list.

On my list so far
  • folks on the church prayer list
  • those who've asked for prayers on Facebook 
  • those who've confided in me their prayers
  • my father who turns 80 while I am on my pilgrimage
  • my mother who, though struggling with medical issues, prays all the time
  • my nieces and nephews who give me a glimpse of a future worth creating
  • the people of Gaza
  • the people of Ferguson
  • the people that the Episcopal Relief and Development organization serve so diligently
  • those who struggle with economic oppression, racism, homophobia, and transphobia everywhere
  • the homeless or near homeless throughout the world
  • those who hunger and thirst
  • those whose lives are consumed or driven by
    • anger
    • greed
    • lust
    • envy
    • pride
    • gluttony
    • sloth
  • those who struggle with health concerns or the means to pay for health care
  • the teachers and those who are raising the next generation
  • for all the saints who came before us, creating a world so full of bounty that we can at times take things for granted
  • for the prophets
When I pray for those who struggle, I pray for myself as well. I pray not for only selfish reasons, but with also with humility, so that I can have the strength to give thanks for my life by caring for others.

Praying is a reason I like to serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister. It's not a power thing. It's because I feel that I'm serving in a most humble way to nourish the spirit of my fellow peregrinos. This fall, I will start as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor at All Saints Pasadena. I'll then be heading out to hospitals and homes to visit those who could not make it to church on Sunday mornings to share the bread and wine made holy. It's an act of prayer to serve others.

It's a reason I love to help bring our Taizé worship services and the labyrinth walking meditation to our church. It's why I enjoy singing so much at church. I feel as though I can breathe with the Holy Spirit and share the transcendent love. They are all acts of love.

In my next blog posting, I'll be sharing prayers and hymns that I'll be taking with me. Walk beside me on my journey and share in the breath of the Holy Spirit, so that you can share it with others.

Thank you and bless you for joining me on this transformational journey.

I leave Los Angeles on September 10 and land in Spain September 11.

Please walk with me by donating to Episcopal Relief and Development

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