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Monday, July 3, 2023

From Easter - July 1, 2023

Julz is from Australia (and New Zealand and ancestrally from Samoa), and she has been teaching Stephen Aussie slang. She also doesn’t speak Spanish so I’ve been helping her pronounce some of the towns and words. This day, we walked to the town Frómista, which is sort of pronounced “From Easter” with an Aussie accent. 

Language is tricky. I am always amazed at how much English people know. Here on Camino, people come from all over the world hoping to get by on Español or English. But no matter where we are from, no matter the language, we come with hope, with a sense of adventure, with a desire for something new. We want our lives made new by Camino . We yearn for it.

So maybe without many fully realizing it, we pilgrims are all pretty much an Easter people, seeking life made new. And we all want to walk “From Easter.”

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