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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Twice as good - July 14

 I have been to the mountain top. And once again, on this trip and on my first Camino, I have been to the mountain top twice.

Both times I left behind something I needed. Last time was my wallet and credentials (you are supposed to show that you walked the Camino by getting stamps everyday along the way). This time I left my phone. The last time I needed to walk back up a couple kilometers. Not fun. This time I had to grab a cab in Triacastela to go back.

Mountaintops are astonishing. MLK uses it in his most famous speech because it implies that he could see far and wide. Mountain tops are where God is revealed. Or Christ is transfigured. They’re the pinnacle. The ultimate.

It seems weird to go twice.

But when you return, is it the same? Do you experience the mountaintop the same way? See the same things? Hear, feel, taste the same things? 

I think each time is a new moment, a new chance to experience the divine, a gift of a new epiphany. I was frustrated when these things happened to me. But in retrospect, maybe seeing things from the heavens twice wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

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