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Monday, July 3, 2023

That hits the spot - June 29, 2023

Yesterday was a rest day in Burgos and we resumed walking today. It was a rather easy day, perhaps the easiest so far. The temperature was cooler than normal. But most importantly, I found the spot where I had a moment at a fuente with Silvia from Italy. That story is elsewhere in my blog. I found the spot where it happened, but it was interesting that the oasis is no longer used. The fuente was dismantled. The sign was taken down.

At least nobody will be misled to think water was present. But it did seem to point out how much we need water in our lives. And not just any water, but the water that is potable. Water that we need. Water that sustains us.

This planet is mostly water yet we thirst. The abundance is everywhere yet we are parched. And most of the time, as the Camino teaches all new pilgrims, we don’t realize how thirsty we are. We get dizzy from thirst.

But the Way invites us to fill up and fill others with all that quenches them, with all that brings joy. Fill yourself with life giving waters. And help fill those who thirst. Let all who are thirsty come.

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