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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Hunger - July 18

Hunger is a serious problem that affects both entire populations as well as individuals in a bind. And that happened to me once in a while while living abroad as a student or when I was traveling by bicycle or backpack as a student in other countries. It is physically painful and impairs the mind and body. But it’s also rather embarrassing. One doesn’t admit to being hungry easily. 

So I was grateful when two pilgrims admitted that their funds were running low. They admitted it, and we could help them through these final days of the walk. They could have kept the need to themselves but they admitted to it when asked.

I wish we weren’t so concerned about basic human needs but we can’t anticipate every problem. And money doesn’t grow on trees. If we can’t be honest about our need for food, how can we be honest about needing more difficult things like jobs, healthcare, or even love? At the very least, we need to take pride out of the equation and be able to say that we need to be fed when we hunger.

And while we are at it, maybe we can voice our hunger for justice and grace when we need it most.

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