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Monday, July 3, 2023

Life on the streets - July 3, 2023

Nothing reminds me that I’m getting older than having to get up multiple times at night to use the restroom. 

Processes that seemed easy to manage have become more challenging. So what a coincidence that my birthday fell on this leg of the Camino Frances. There is no restroom after leaving Carrion de Los Condes for 17km. That’s 3.5 hours minimum. I wouldn’t have batted an eye when I was younger but now know that a potentially 4-4.5 hour walk could mean finding an infrequent tree in case of an emergency.

It’s a real issue on the Camino. And it’s an issue for all of us as we get older. This can create anxious moments. But it’s natural and we should try to show kindness to those who might have problems. 

So today was a reminder that so many people live in conditions without access to toilets. The tent cities all over the USA are not adequately served. May we remember that our struggle is the same one held by those out in the streets and we need to find ways of making their plight less painful and more dignified.

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